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5 Trends in Content Localization + 1 to Keep an Eye On

From tailored product offerings to studying evolving SERPs worldwide, learn how multinational brands navigate linguistic and cultural nuances to connect authentically with consumers.

Cognitive Science Meets SEO: Why True Localization Matters

Connect with diverse audiences across the globe by embracing a multi-local strategy. Explore how brands can merge cognitive science with local expertise.

How Inclusivity Drives Link Diversity — Whiteboard Friday

Inclusivity makes business sense. Discover how targeting diverse audiences can enhance your backlink profile, boost trust with Google, and ultimately drive revenue.

14 Local Search Developments You Need to Know About From Q1 2024

From new European local SERPs and the GBP site shutdown to a grab bag of Google developments, Miriam Ellis recaps Q1 2024 local SEO news so you won’t miss a thing!

Decoding the Mechanics of Brand Familiarity to Future-Proof Any Brand

In this article, Giulia sprinkles a bit of cognitive science in the marketing mix to showcase how leveraging the familiarity bias can future-proof any brand.

How the SERPs Guide Content — Whiteboard Friday

From videos to featured snippets, discover how SERPs can help us with our content creation in this Whiteboard Friday with Julia-Carolin Zeng.

Claddagh: How Local Businesses Inspire Love, Loyalty, and Friendship

Miriam relays an old local business tale, with more than a dozen inspiring examples of love, loyalty, and friendship between local businesses and their customers. She ends with tips for removing barriers to form lasting business relationships.

How to Make AI Your Writing Sidekick for Content Marketing

Tasmin shares her tips on how to make AI your content marketing sidekick. Optimize every step of the process, from generating ideas to crafting headlines and simplifying your writing.

E-E-A-T Quick Wins — Whiteboard Friday

Itamar shares E-E-A-T quick wins that you can utilize to help your website appear more credible in the eyes of users and Google.

Embracing GenAI-Powered Search — Will Companies Have to Rethink Marketing Strategies?

If searchers continue chatting with GenAI answer engines, it will be more critical than ever for marketers to track and monitor search results.