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Develop a comprehensive plan to beat even the fiercest SEO competitors.

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Identify your SERP competitors instantly with True Competitor

Say goodbye to the manual competitive research process. Simply drop in the domain or subdomain of your choice to receive a list of top SERP competitors.

Analyze your top 25 competitors with just the click of a button.

To learn more, read Dr. Pete Meyers' post here.

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Pinpoint your top rivals

Using the new metric Rivalry, you can quickly learn who your fiercest competitors really are. Rivalry uses inputs such as your Domain Authority, the competitor’s Domain Authority, keyword overlap, keyword volume, and rankings to determine your top rivals.

Sort your top competitor list by Rivalry to gauge which sites you want to learn more about.

Keyword Gap LP

Spot opportunities with Keyword Gap

Import your domain and your top three competitors to identify gaps in your keyword and content strategy, as compared to the competition. You'll be able to check out keyword opportunities and low-hanging fruit, in addition to top-performing pieces of content from competitors.

Learn more about spotting gaps in your strategy here.

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Gauge the ROI of potential keywords

Our latest metric, Traffic Lift, helps you to understand the impact of potential keywords and prioritize where to start.

Traffic Lift represents the expected gain in traffic if the chosen domain overtakes the top identified competitor’s ranking position – allowing you to identify which keywords are worth your time and effort.

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Gather competitive intelligence across Moz Pro

Use Moz Pro’s competitive tools to analyze your newly-identified competitors. Plug them into a campaign to track over time, use Keyword Explorer to look into keyword opportunities, pop them into Link Explorer for a look at their link profiles, and more.

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Use fresh competitive data to build a tactical approach that will outrank the competition.

Craft a targeted approach to overtake the competition.

Identify competitors
Identify competitors

Identify the top 25 competitors that your website is competing against in organic search results, with the click of a button.

Assess top rivals
Assess top rivals

Use metrics like keyword overlap and Domain Authority, in addition to a brand-new metric called Rivalry, to highlight your top rivals.

Compare at a glance
Compare at a glance

Compare and contrast your site against three competitors across important metrics like ranking keywords, DA, and PA.

Find keyword opportunities
Find keyword opportunities

Discover opportunities to rank for keywords you’re not yet ranking for, as well as chances to improve keywords you’re already considering.

Assess potential traffic lift
Assess potential traffic lift

Use our new metric Traffic Lift to evaluate which keywords you should prioritize that will drive major traffic to your website.

Identify top-performing content
Identify top-performing content

Check out the pieces of content that rank for your competitors’ most important keywords to help you assess your content strategy.

Dive into competitive research with Moz.

The Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis walks you through how to conduct a thorough analysis on your top SERP rivals.