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MyScript smart note

Writing on an Android phablet or tablet using a stylus is not unusual, however, most Android smartphones do not come with a stylus except the Samsung Galaxy Note series and the stylus. LG G3. To provide a better experience, a new app called MyScript Smart Note makes handwritten note taking on an Android tablet more natural than ever.

MyScript Smart Note offers the ability to draw, write, insert images and annotate, then turn words into interactive text. This results in easier editing, searching and actions on notes. With the app, you can move, erase, divide or join words and phrases with simple gestures. Notes are digitally saved so you can easily search for any document by typing a word.

MyScript Smart Note has ten pages on a single notepad. In-app purchases are also available so you can create an unlimited number of pages and notebooks, as well as share your files via email or cloud apps like Dropbox and Evernote, as well as various social media sites. Other features include easy editing of notes with simple gestures, text composition to create and export digital text document, create and insert sketches on notes, resize and rotate images and copy / paste convert text to a supported application.

The MyScript Smart Note app recognizes 59 languages ​​so you can write in any language as long as your calligraphy is still readable. If you are willing to pay extra, you can take advantage of special features like advanced import and export capabilities, archive (backup and restore), drag and drop pages to another notebook, create or easily delete notebooks and export notebook pages.

Download MyScript Smart Note from the Google Play Store

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