Issue with app note: Notability returns with subscription model

Users of the popular Notability note-taking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac will need to purchase a subscription in order to use the premium features of the software. The converted business model was shown earlier this week – much to the chagrin of longtime users of the app. Instead of a one-time purchase for just under 9 euros plus in-app purchases, there will be “freemium” marketing in the future, in which the app will be rented for 15 euros per year in order to obtain the ” full notability live “. It starts with the current version 11.0.

The problem: Ginger Labs’ Notability-Makers originally planned to include features in the subscription model that users had already paid for. Core features that users previously purchased through in-app purchases are expected to be deactivated one year after switching to freemium marketing. This should apply, among other things, to the recognition of handwriting and the conversion of mathematical calculations. The additional notebooks and stickers, which users could also purchase through in-app purchase, should then only be offered to subscribed customers.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

As a result, there has been a lot of criticism on Twitter and other social networks. Among other things, Ginger Labs has heard that the change is likely to violate Apple’s App Store rules. It actually states that the apps whose business model you switch to a subscription are simply removing features that have already been sold.

There are also various positive examples for this. Likewise, the popular Kamera-App Halide has taken the lead in the subscription world by introducing a brand new application (“Halide Mark II”). This in turn offers users who have purchased the app all new features and free updates for at least a year.

In the meantime, the notoriety creators also seem to have noticed that their new plans don’t work that way. In a blog post it now says that in an 11.0.2 update the changes will be partially removed for existing customers. “We want to correct our course. Therefore, even without intervention from Apple’s App Review, those who pay for app activation and in-app buyers will continue to benefit from these features in the future. This includes iCloud sync, unlimited editing, and individually purchased features. There are also plans to offer new features to existing customers “based on complexity”. “We apologize very much for putting our current users in this position.”


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