How to modify the Note app on Google Assistant


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Check how to change the note app on Google Assistant

You don’t know when an idea or a thought comes to your mind. You can walk, drive or even take a shower. This is where the Google Assistant comes in. Today, you don’t need to physically write notes; Instead, you can ask your personal digital assistant to do it. When you use the “Note To Yourself” or “Take Note” command in the Google Assistant, anything you say below will be recorded in the note-taking app of your choice.

You can choose the default Notes application the first time you use the command. What if you wanted to change the default Notes app? You can do this very easily. How to change the Notes app in Google Assistant.

Change the Notes app in Google Assistant

The procedure is straightforward. Follow the steps below;

  • Open the Google Assistant. You can do this by saying the command “Ok Google” or by long pressing the home button if your device has one.
  • Use the command “Take a note” or “Note for yourself”.
  • There you will see a text that says “Note to myself”. Play it.
  • You will see all compatible notes apps that you can replace the current notes app with.

If you have different apps for taking different types of notes, you don’t need to go through each of the above steps to switch between apps. There is another way.

Final words: How to modify the Note app on Google Assistant

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