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8-inch screens will dominate the tablet scene this year, according to WitsView, with an 11.9% market share, up from 2.6% last year. By the end of the year, it will be close to 18%.

Apple broke the trend for smaller 7-inch tablets with their iPad mini, which measures just under 8 inches, and now others are ditching the 7-inch model for a slightly larger screen. One of those devices is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 released last month.

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While the specs of both tablets are almost identical, the Galaxy Note 8.0 wins, mainly due to the tablet’s ability to integrate both work and play in fashionable ways.

One of the features that excels in the work aspect is Awesome Note, a premium note-taking app that blows those other Google Play apps out of the water.

The only problem with the app is that you won’t find it on Google Play. This is because the app was designed exclusively for the Galaxy Note 8.0, but that won’t prevent me from having it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Why can’t my device take advantage of the same features as its big brother?

The genius of the impressive note

Before I walk you through how to download Awesome Note on your device, I am going to go over some of the features that make Awesome Note so awesome.

  • Quick memo
  • Quick calendar notes,
  • Write ideas, journal, travel journal
  • Shopping list
  • To do list
  • Calendar entries
  • Job
  • To study
  • Recipe

Awesome Note lets you take quick notes, each divided into tabs of your choice, which are automatically organized in a built-in calendar. It’s highly customizable; just click on the settings icon and from there you will be able to change the app background, set a password to lock your notes, save your notes data, and change tab names.

You’re not limited to written notes, but also S-Pen compatible drawings and scribbles. You can make a Quick memo, which is separate from the calendar and displays as a pop-up post-it.

The beautiful interface, all of its features and its ability to be highly customizable make Awesome Note the alone note application (at least for me).

So how can you download this app on your device?

How to download Awesome Note on your Note 2

Thanks to hobbyist developer jujuburi, anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S4), Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Jelly Bean can now enjoy the awesomeness of ‘Awesome Note! It was also pretty easy, since all it did was extract the system.img file, but we didn’t even have to!

You can install the app directly through your device, just make sure you have Unknown sources checked in your Security settings.

  • On your device, click this or this (if one doesn’t work, try the other) to download the app.
  • The download will then appear as AwesomeNote.apk. Click on the link to open it. If you have a message saying Blocked installation, make sure you really have Unknown sources checked in your Security settings!

Once installed, you should have access to the awesomeness of Awesome Note!

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