Consumer Loan Test 2018 – Bid On Best Consumer Loan Online 2018

                                                                                                                           Best consumer loan test                                                                                                                                                                                     

We will make it easier for you to find the very best consumer loan online. We know it can seem like an unmanageable task to review the market and examine all possibilities.                           

We are writing soon in 2018 and we have therefore looked at which online providers are expected to offer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Best consumer loan 2018

Best consumer loan 2018

There are many factors you can choose to take into account when finding the best consumer loan. Of course, it is obvious to look at the flexibility in relation to amounts and maturity. The interest rate and loan costs are also a key aspect, which probably plays the most important role for most consumers. In addition, service and response time will affect some.

If we look solely on the indicative interest rate, these providers are among the better at the time of writing:


Note that Spargo Finans is one of the new providers in the online market, so it will be exciting to see how they perform during 2018.

There are, of course, several providers in the online market that you can choose from. Since you can never know who is the cheapest in advance or where you are approved, we have mentioned 5 of them with the lowest recommended interest rates. Just to give you an idea of ​​who is likely to be cheapest:

  1. Santander Consumer Bank
  2. Bank Norwegian
  3. Ikano Bank
  4. Coop Bank
  5. Nordiclån

Search more places so you have better chances of finding the best and cheapest solution.

Now price and quality are far from the same. Therefore, do not believe that the cheapest consumer loans are always the best. Benefits such as pausing or repaying installments can also have an impact on your decision.

For our test not to be too one-dimensional about the interest rate, we have therefore also made a top 5, based on the score on Trustpilot. This gives a greater impression of who has many satisfied customers and a good service:

  1. Vivus
  2. Quick machine
  3. Zaplo
  4. Selene Finance
  5. Lendon

However, we do not consider this list to be particularly true for several reasons. On the other hand, some providers have more financial products on the shelves, so their Trustpilot score is not only related to their product; consumer loans. First, Vivus and Kvikautomaten are naturally popular, as they offer small free loans & credit to new customers. It is therefore not entirely fair to compare them with companies that offer large consumer loans up to DKK 400,000.

The above lists are for guidance only and include just a selection of the many providers in the market. We always recommend that you search from several companies to compare your offers. Click on the companies’ own websites to get more information about their terms and conditions. It will always be the information on the provider’s own website that is valid.


How do I choose?


How do I choose?


You can benefit from the list above, when you need to find the best consumer loan on the market. It is a selection of some of the cheapest and most reputable providers. You need to check two things before applying for a consumer loan. First of all, of course, you must make sure that the company can cover your needs in terms of amounts and maturity. Next, check if you can meet the company’s criteria. There will always be some requirements for you as an applicant, and you must meet these in order to be approved.

Choose at least 2-3 different companies, preferably more. It is free and non-committal to apply and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Only by submitting an application can you see exactly what the provider can offer you with your needs and your finances. You receive your offer the same day and then you can compare the offers from the different providers. Compare the APR to find the cheapest consumer loan for you.

Loans up to DKK 400,000 online

The advantage of an online consumer loan is that you can get the money into the account already 1-3 days after. The whole process takes place online, and so it goes quickly and easily. You can of course use the money exactly as you want, once your agreement has been approved. That way, you can afford just what you need, now and here. Submit your application today and afford new car, travel, furniture or the like.


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