3 Financial and Loan Pages You Should Know About


As a consumer, there are a number of websites you should know about where you can see current prices and interest rates, compare providers with each other or find the necessary information.

This applies regardless of whether you want to borrow money in the bank or online. We will therefore introduce you to 3 of the most important financial pages you should know if you would like to be well informed as a customer.

Money prices are places where you can compare the prices of the world’s products with the banks. You can do that smartly based on your private circumstances. So whether you are in relationship or depending on which annual income you have.

It is clear that your opportunities are greatly influenced by these conditions, so their theoretical setups can be of great help. Even if they are only indicative. When you have to compare the country’s banks with each other, Pengepriser.dk is the place and here you compare the APR on both consumer loans, car loans and home loans.

In fact, the only drawback is that their overviews can be a little difficult to see for the general Danes. So you may have a little trouble with at first.


My banker is another comparison service that can make you wiser about the providers’ interest rates and opportunities. Here you can compare the following:

  • savings accounts
  • checking accounts
  • Budget
  • Consumer
  • Car loans
  • Home loans

But the reason they are mentioned here is at least as much for their good guides and articles. They contain a lot of information and answers to some of the most common questions.

In addition, they have the web’s best forum for loans, where you can participate and submit the questions you may have. You may not always get usable answers back, but of course you can always try.



At the end of the list we have Prisas.dk and it is a comparison service for loans, broadband and A-boxes, for those who would like to find the best solution. On their website you can see overviews with the leading providers on the web and what they each offer.

They make it easy and easy to get an overview of the loan market online, so you ultimately find the cheapest loan. It takes a little preparation but is definitely worth 10-15 minutes!

In addition, they have a good wiki page, where you can get a number of the most used concepts. It is important you know these as consumers, so you know what you say YES to when you sign the loan agreement online or in the bank.


We hope you enjoy the 3 websites. If you even have a financial page to mention, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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